NPO Fenno-Ugria, 28 Pärnu St, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia
372 644 511

Kindred Evenings

The tradition of holding the Kindred Club began in 2001.

Fenno-Ugria currently organises Kindred Evenings, which take place occasionally and mostly in order to celebrate the national holidays of the Finno-Ugric peoples. 

The evenings take place in Tallinn's Old Town, in the Music House (Muusikamaja, Uus st. 33c), and sometimes also in Tartu, at the Estonian National Museum (J. Kuperjanov st. 9). 

Entry is free of charge. There is no membership fee or any other duties. The language spoken at the event is Estonian.

Schedule of events in Estonian

People connected with the Finno-Ugric peoples, their cultures and languages perform at the evenings. Guests can hear the concerts of folk-groups, attend presentations on the current state of the Finno-Ugric peoples, see films commented upon by the filmmakers themselves, and acquire information on trends in Finno-Ugristics.

The presentations given at the club-nights might be of interest to pupils who would like to find out more about kindred peoples than the Estonian school curriculum has to offer, teachers of native Estonian and history for inspiration, as well as other vigilant people, who want to broaden their world.

The Kindred Evenings are sponsored by the Tallinn City Government.