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The 4th Finno-Ugric days in Paris – Udmurt Days, on December 13–15, 2012

ADEFO in Paris organises on December 13-14-15, 2012 the 4th Finno-Ugric days, this year UDMURT DAYS


Languages: French, Udmurt, Hungarian, Estonian and Russian with consecutive intepretation into French and simultaneous or chuchotage for into Russian and Estonian.

Thursday, December 13

Udmurt Art Exhibition
Anastasia Fertikova and Evgeni Bikuzin
Mairie du 7e arrondissement, 116 rue de Grenelle, floor Hall (Métro Solférino)

Friday, December 14

AM (9.30–12.30): The Udmurts, historic and demographic data
- General presentation – Eva Toulouze (in French)
- Ethnic groups – the Bashkortostan Udmurts – Anna Baidullina (in Udmurt)
- Ethnic groups – the Tatarstan Udmurts – Anna Semenova (in Udmurt)
- The Old Multan affair : process of a way of life – Eva Toulouze (in French)
- Udmurt beliefs – Aado Lintrop (in Estonian)

PM (14.00–18.00): The Udmurts, contemporary data
- Udmurt modern society in town and in the country-side – Galina Nikitina (in Udmurt)
- Udmurt youth movement – Nadežda Utkina (in Udmurt)
- Udmurt identity in town– Marie Casen (in French)
- Udmurt culture in Izhevsk – Pavel Pozdeev (videoconference, in Russian)
- Youth special issue of Udmurt Dunne – Darali Leli (in Udmurt)
- The Udmurt-language Udmurt National Library electronic resources– Anna Semenova (in Udmurt)

Evening (19.00–21.00): Film evening
Three periods in Udmurt cinema – Sébastien Cagnoli (in French)
Film : Uzy Bory (Strawberries), with the scenarist Darali Leli.
Discussion translated from and into Udmurt and French by Svetlana Edygarova-Mantel
Inalco, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris (Métro Bibliothèque)

Saturday, December 15

AM (9.30-12.30) : Udmurt Language
- Presentation of the language – Svetlana Edygarova-Mantel (in Udmurt)
- The Udmurt language socio-linguistic situation – Aleksandr Zamiatin (in Russian)
- The Udmurt written language – Istvan Kozmács (in Hungarian)
- Udmurt-language tuition in Udmurtia – Yulia Spešilova (in Udmurt)

PM (14.00 – 17.00) : Udmurt literature
- Meetings – Jean-Luc Moreau (in French)
- A poet in the storm : Kuzebay Gerd – Eva Toulouze (in French)
- Female writers in Udmurt literature – Ljubov Fedorova (in Udmurt)
- On contemporary udmurt literature – Arvo Valton (in Estonian)
- On Udmurt music – Nadežda Utkina (in Udmurt)

Evening (19.00-21.00): Musical evening
Munchoman and his orchester – Homage to the Udmurts
Nadežda Utkina – Folk and author songs
Veronika Bulycheva – Presentation of « Village Parijevsk » - Pont Interculturel Paris (France) – Ijevsk (Udmurtia) association
Inalco, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris (Métro Bibliothèque)

Free Entrance